I am 59. I wouldn’t change anything that has happened along the road of my beautiful and rich life. It has never been easy and it has always been sacred. 

I was the seventh child born in a glorious and large Irish Catholic family outside of Boston. The most important thing to know about my family…is that “I am” the daughter of Mary Ray Crowley and the “almost” Irish twin sister…of Sharbear…my person. These two divine feminine sacred souls would hold and shape my entire life. Together, with eight siblings, we would create a blessed life of magic and tradition…share song, dance, endless beach walks and merry merry….endure tragedy, loss of love, life and childhood safety and innocence. 

My childhood was the a perfect dichotomy of the best of the best and the worst of the worst. I was deeply loved and I was not safe. From the day I was born…I have been held and protected by Divine Love. This deep, beyond words love, was bigger and more powerful than any suffering I went through. Always lighting my way and carrying my soul…this Divine Love presence has led me to this day. A sacred day when I boldly and humbly bring forward into the world the sacred teachings I have been graced to share. This last sacred season of my life…A Wholy Harvest…IS with you. 

I have been a visionary and entrepreneur for the past 40 years. Creating and building companies has been my gift and I knew it would be my path since I was seven years old. It is who I am and nothing that I earned. It was my sacred superhero gift from God…from our Mother. I was born a visionary and it has taken me an entire lifetime to understand why. I have been on a magic carpet ride with my soul…a divine journey that has all the beautiful, tragic, dark and illuminated seasons we all travel to arrive Home. Through every season of “life on life’s terms”, one sacred thread has weaved the fabric of my soul to this moment, Divine Love. 

On November 7, 2017, I began to experience sacred happenings. I am clear this does not make me special. It is a blessing…a profound gift. The Divine Mother began to appear to me and then began to speak to me. I was humbled to my knees and also terrified. What would this mean for my life? For my precious family? How would my husband and children…Doug, Gray and Lily…be affected? How would my trusted colleagues in the corporate world react? What does this mean for me? And most of all WHY me? Over the past two years I have begun to understand and to fully surrender to this calling. It is a calling to us all. A call to come home. 

The Divine Mother has asked me to be a sacred vessel for her teachings. Sacred teachings for all of humankind and our precious and decaying Earth. I have been asked to bring forward to the world The Rose Circle…a spiritual platform that will be the model for sacred living and inclusive sacred economies that our world must follow and adopt..to survive. The Divine Mother has asked that this platform be the resting place of Divine Love for her children. She promised me that I would not be alone. She revealed to me that she has annointed seven Divine Feminine souls (and eventually seven Divine Masculine souls) to walk with me and carry forward her teachings and love. She has. These seven extraordinary and courageous woman…are chosen “graces” and will light her message of Divine Love across the globe and into every soul calling for her love, healing light and guidance. This circle of women are together because she has delivered us to one another…to walk each other home. Each one of us has acceeptd her calling…no matter the sacrifice. She has further asked me to call forward all souls in direct communication with the Divine Mother…in all of her glorious forms…to gather and download the collective sacred teachings that have been given to many blessed beings around the globe. These wisdom teachings are being called forward to save, heal and illuminate into a divine rebirth…our global family. Divine Love is all there is. It will save us and our planet. Divine Love is the only savior. 

I have been “called” by our Divine Mother…by the Divine Feminine in all of her forms. We are all being called. I have never prayed for and certainly never expected anything close to this calling and ministry of this sacred blessing. I will never understand why she came to me. I finally understand that I don’t need to understand. It is not my privilege to understand or answer this holy question. It is my deepest honor to do whatever my Mother asks of me for the sake of her love. I have been called to be brave and to be bold. To “be” and speak truth. To be pure and holy and humble in service to the Divine Mother’s work. To be in deep devotion. To be a soul in the sacred collective. To have miraculous trust. To be Divine Love. 


Building a new spiritual economy with teachings, services and offerings from around the world.



Creating sacred media platforms
where people can come together
safely in Love and belonging.



Gathering stories of courage, healing, and hope to inspire our collective transformation.